About Me

SCN_0027After years of friends and family telling me I should share more of my photographs I finally decided to start a blog. First let me start off but telling you that I am not a professional photographer.  I’d call myself an experienced amateur. I have been taking photographs in a serious capacity for about 15 years. I have learned about photography by reading books, online tutorials, trying to recreate photographs I have seen, and most importantly taking as many photos as possible. My foray into photography started with taking pictures of my children. As they became older, they became more and more camera shy, so I moved onto birds. I started with sparrows, mourning doves and seagulls. The Atlantic Puffin on my page is one of the highlights of my bird photographs.  I am now a photographer who likes birds; a birder photographer if you will.  But I do not exclusively take pictures of birds as you will see. I really like portraits and astrophotography just as much.  I hope to share my love of photography with as many people as possible. In addition to my photographs, I want to share my trials and tribulations as I try to get the “perfect shot”. I do not claim to be a great photographer, but I have taken some pretty dang good photos. I hope I can share my passion with as many people as possible and inspire others to “just keep clicking”.

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