Talk about a bad day…

I am posting these but I am not happy with them really.   They are cropped a lot and not sharp either.  It was very cold out and well it was very cold out.  I boosted the film speed too much, always makes things grainy.  Of course I will be shooting these guys again!


2018-pic #1

I think this squirrel is blowing into its hands because it’s so cold! All my cardinal photos were no good, luckily this guy posed for me.


I’ve had “photographer’s block” which is why this is my first post in a while. Heck I haven’t really picked up my camera much. Thankfully, birds to the rescue! This a Townsend Warbler and as soon as I made it to Trustom Pond today, it was out and about. Warblers are tough to photograph because they love tree tops and they are fast. Not a bad shot though.

My “block” is hopefully lifting so I hope to post more. I may even attempt to sell some photos on my blog.