I’ve had “photographer’s block” which is why this is my first post in a while. Heck I haven’t really picked up my camera much. Thankfully, birds to the rescue! This a Townsend Warbler and as soon as I made it to Trustom Pond today, it was out and about. Warblers are tough to photograph because they love tree tops and they are fast. Not a bad shot though.

My “block” is hopefully lifting so I hope to post more. I may even attempt to sell some photos on my blog.

Too Much Destiny 2

So I mentioned I do bring my camera with me pretty much everywhere I go, however I don’t always have time to actually get out and capture anything.  Adulting is hard, who knew?  With that said, I must admit, I have been really focused on powering up my character in Destiny 2!  I even deleted a character to start over.   It’s time consuming hard work.  What can I say!?!   One of my favorite birds inspired me to dust of my camera and get shooting again.  Rainy days don’t matter.





IMGL4315I have not taken a photo of the moon in a while.  Why? Because every shot just looks terrible.   A few years ago I took a great shot of the moon.  I’ve tried replicating the settings I used for that photo but for whatever reason the shots have been terrible.  Maybe it’s my tripod, I do notice a lot of shake (from the camera set up and myself).  Well, this shot I took last night was not too bad.  Enough so, that I am sharing.


Well the next eclipse is in 2024 so for now it’s back to nature. 🙂 After getting multiple mosquito bites and making my kids miserable from the looong walk, I was fortunate to photograph this lil alligator.   I focused on the eye and clicked away. 

Oh and I’m forever a photographer who loves birds: 


Black skimmer skimming


IMG_0603-EditToday was an amazing day!  The eclipse was as awesome as it was made it out to be.  I  studied a lot prior to today and it payed off.  Even the clouds back home helped me prepare believe it or not.  I struggled in the beginning of the eclipse but I adjusted quickly and took some nice shots.  Then, totality happened and it was the fastest 2 minutes ever!  My goodness.  Between trying to enjoy the eclipse with everyone and trying to get “that shot”, the time just flew by.  In fact, I dropped my filter, lost sight of the sun in the sky, then a cloud came into view…  let’s just say I was stressed.  It took me a while to get my shots loaded into one shot but here it is.



Finally  I was able to practice some solar photography.   And I got a sunspot!!  I am excited for the upcoming eclipse but I need more practice.  There are so many settings for different moments of the eclipse.  Let’s hope for more sunny days so I can practice.  These cloudy/rainy days are rough.  But this was my first photo of the sun, not too shabby.



What a difference perspective makes.   I took this picture laying on the sand and letting this little semipalmated plover run by me.  I am really happy with this picture.  It was taken at a time whe the sun was not harsh.

Rain Rain Go away

IMGL0375This weather! It has been really throwing a wrench in my photography plans.  I mean, sure I should/could be out there taking pictures of any and everything but who has the time for that?  Although I am not out shooting much, I am preparing for some upcoming photo events: namely the total eclipse on August 21st.  But just when I received some protective gear for my camera and was ready to practice taking pictures of the sun, the weather has decided “no sun for you”.  Grief.  And the hits keep coming: the Perseid meteor shower is next month but the moon will be out so not so sure I’ll get to photograph any meteors.  I’ll still try of course.   At least water and leaves are a plenty…..